Our mission is to provide high quality concentrate products to establish an innovative cannabis brand with affortable prices


Zollaris Laboratories



  • Zollaris Laboratories Corporation is applied for a cannabis processor license and will be conducting business in Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada.
  • Zollaris Laboratories Corporation is dedicated to making the cleanest, safest, and premium quality cannabis oil.
  • The company will distribute products to qualified and licensed cannabis establishments in Canada.

Company Summary 

Zollaris Laboratories Corp. is dedicated to produce and sell wholesale cannabis oil to service the exploding concentrates industry. Zollaris believes extracts are the cleanest, most accessible way to consume most of the beneficial aspects of the cannabis plant.

Main Goals 

  • Own and operate cannabis processing 15,000-sq. ft facilities in Hawkesbury, Ontario.
  • To produce high-grade cannabis oil and build a recognizable brand in a rapidly growing industry.
  • To ensure all cannabis products that will be distributed meet all regulatory requirements and have passed any and all required laboratory testings.


To provide high-quality concentrated products, and to establish an innovative cannabis brand with affordable prices.

Zollaris Company Summary

Zollaris Main Objectives

Main Objectives 

  • Getting Uzbekistan Narcotics Processor  and cannabis growing license.
  • Cannabis extraction and refining in a clean and compliant laboratory.
  • Net annual income to support operational expenses.
  • Monthly sales and capacity increasing steadilythroughout the first year.

Due to the future, Zollaris will also maintain a focus on R&D to experiment with entirely new products that will first be distributed to small sample groups of “beta testers” for rapid and direct feedback and iteration, prior to releasing to the general public.

Forecast Market

Zollaris is forecasting initial annual production of approximately 2,000,000 grams of cannabis oil. Using client daily consumption of 1.3 grams, we will be supplying approximately 1,538,462 clients on a regular basis. This is approximately 0.48% of the forecast world market.